Welcome to the
Team Fortress 2 GR Community!

Random people quotes about our server:
It doesn't register! -Hostolis

Friendly Community

We like to keep things friendly. Everybody is welcome here. Join our server, expect a chill experience and above all else enjoy the game!

Competitive Spirit

We may be friendly but we like the game a little more competitively. So no random crits and no instant respawns. If you frag someone it's because you worth it.

Contests and more

We may be competitive but we sometimes like to fool around too. Expect some random wacky maps, maybe big heads and random game contest for indie games!

No game breaking benefits!

Everyone that helps the server by donating deserves some server benefits. Nothing game breaking though. Tag/Color to their name, class/afk immunity and more.

Admins & Moderators


Detailed Statistics

Who do you kill the most? Who kills you the most? How is your skill compared to the other players on the server? 2.000.000+ kills and counting registered.
These and more questions will be answered here!

Sponsored by BnB.gr

The Team Fortress 2 Server is proudly hosted by Bits and Bytes Internet-Gaming Stations.

The new detailed statistics system isn't free.
Donations will go over that (which works by monthly subscription to the service).
Donations over 5 euros will earn you a month of reserve slot, class/afk immunity (for every 5 euros), permanent color to your name and more.